Noh Eul (노을 역) is a producer who gained some level of notoriety for her relationship with famous actor Shin Joon-young.



Noh Eul was raised with a humble upbringing, her father making ends meet for her and her brother, Noh Jik, with his food cart.

At school, Noh Eul's best friend Ko Na-ri's heart was broken by her breakup with campus heartthrob Shin Joon-young. Her plan to force Joon-young make amends with the devastated Na-ri backfired when Joon-young--who told her that he needed someone he would be crazy in love with, and that wasn't Na-ri but could be Noh Eul if they wanted--publicly announced that they were in a relationship, making Na-ri and everyone think that Joon-young had been cheating on Na-ri with her, and thus left Na-ri to be with Noh Eul. Though this did not ruin her friendship with Na-ri, this made her the talk of the whole school for the worst reasons.

Around the same time as this, Noh Eul's father was killed in a hit-and-run accident witnessed by Noh Eul herself. In a turn of events, she finds her case against the true killer sabotaged, with no witnesses and proof propping up to support her statements, as well as a person coming forward for the crime she was sure a woman committed. She tried to get the prosecutor of the case, Choi Hyun-joon, to fix things and tried to make a campaign to support her, to no avail.

Making matters worse, the loan sharks her father owed money from were now after her and her brother, forcing them to go on the run.

Her path once again crossed with Joon-young years after. Caught vandalizing posters of Choi Hyun-joon, now running for a government position, Joon-young blackmails her into at least eight favors for him, one of which was to go on a date with him on the night they ran into each other. Later, Noh Eul went along with Joon-young's plans; Joon-young asked her to continue pretending to be his girlfriend.


At one point, Ji-tae befriended her, under the false pretense that he was a simpleton who's just as poor as her. Unbeknownst to her, the man she came to trust as a close friend and eventually even developed a crush on was the son of prosecutor Choi Hyun-joon.

Noh Eul eventually became a reporter, working with a team for big exposés and documentaries, before she was caught accepting a bribe to bury her discoveries.

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