Remember: War of the Son is a South Korean television series.


Seo Jin-woo has hyperthymesia, a condition that allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. To prove the innocence of his father who was convicted for a crime he didn't commit, Jin-woo worked to become a lawyer. He struggles to prove his father's innocence, particularly in a battle against the real killer, the powerful Nam Gyu-man, but relentlessly tries despite every obstacle thrown his way, including the realization that he, like his father, has Alzheimer's—his being worse the more he uses his enhanced memory.




  • Jun Kwang-ryul as Seo Jae-hyuk
  • Han Jin-hee as Nam Il-ho
  • Lee Si-eon as Ahn Soo-bum
  • Lee Won-jong as Suk Joo-il
  • Eom Hyo-seop as Hong Moo-suk
  • Kim Jin-woo as Kang Suk-gyu
  • Song Young-kyu as Tak Young-jin
  • Kim Ji-hoon as Pyun Sang-ho
  • Shin Jae-ha as Seol Min-soo
  • Kim Hyung Beom as Attorney Song Jae-ik
  • Lee Jeong-eun as Yeon Bo-mi
  • Oh Na-ra as Prosecutor Chae Jin-kyung
  • Jung In-gi as In-ah's father
  • Park Hyun-suk as In-ah's mother
  • Han Bo-bae as Oh Jung-ah


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