Hae Soo is one of the main characters of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. The Hae Soo we meet in the series is the one lived by Go Ha-jin from the future, a woman whose life is made complicated by new relations she formed with Goryeo's royal family.


Early life

Hae Soo is a cousin of Lady Hae Myung-hee, born into the noble family, the Hae Clan. Soo was once a soft spoken lady, always accompanied by her servant Chae-ryung. Lady Myung-hee came to see her as her own daughter, having taken her in after the death of her mother. At one point, Myung-hee became ill. They moved to Songak, where Soo was to look after her and keep her company.

Discarded past

However, in the year 941, Hae Soo underwent a sudden change that did not go unnoticed by her cousin and servant. After falling and hitting her head in the bath area for royals in the largest washing area in Songak, Soo apparently died for a short while, before, unbeknownst to anyone else, Go Ha-jin from over a millennium into the future took over her body after drowning during a solar eclipse in her time. After waking up, the people around her assumed that Ha-jin's personality was only a change brought upon by her hitting her head and almost dying, as well as her subsequent memory loss[1] and illiteracy (to Hanja characters).

Her scarce connections with anyone aside from Chae-ryung, Myung-hee, and Myung-hee's husband, the Prince Wang Wook worked in favor of Go Ha-jin, who retained no memories of the owner of the body she occupied.

Falling in love

Soo found herself getting closer to her cousin's husband Wook, but held back every time, knowing that she would be betraying her cousin by continuing to develop feelings for him. This did not go unnoticed by Myung-hee, however, and by Wook's sister, Princess Yeon-hwa.

Her path also soon crossed with Wook's brothers'. The 10th prince, Wang Eun recognized her as the girl in the royal bath, back then accusing her of spying on them while bathing before Soo ran off. Eun chased after her after seeing her again, during which this time, Soo caught Eun peeking into a room where a female slave was changing out of her clothes. Soo confronted him and tried to make him apologize to the girl, but Eun protested, calling her out for speaking the way she did to a prince. The two got into a physical scuffle, with Soo giving Eun a black eye. Though Eun, humiliated, was furious at first, his brothers' teasing made him think that Soo dared to attack him because she liked him, making Eun realize that he appreciated having someone fight him the way she did because few people dared treating him, a prince, like that for a long time.

Stuck in the palace




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