Grim Reapers briefly serve as the immediate guides of the recently-deceased's souls to their destinations. For some as of yet unexplained reason, all Reapers known on Goblin are known as "Reaper Kim".


  • These Reapers receive name cards of people who are about to die, written with their age and date, time, and cause of death. They must respond by going to the location where the person is set to die and collect the soul. They will then bring the soul to their respective "tea room", where they will deliver the deceased's sentence, which include:
    • being allowed to drink tea to forget their lives and live in bliss,
    • being told that they would live with the memory of their sins in hell or purgatory.
  • Reapers have no memory of their past lives.
  • When a Reaper comes into contact with someone, they will see that person's past life/lives. Kissing a Reaper will give a person the memories of his/her past life/lives.
  • A person becomes a Grim Reaper for a big sin (taking one's own life) and/or a great regret (when the person begs to forget his/her sins).
  • Reapers wear mostly black. They wear black fedora hats to become invisible to humans while they perform their duties.

Known Reapers