Grim Reapers on Black are similar to most Grim Reaper myths, in the sense that they "reap" or collect souls of the recently-deceased and escort them to the afterlife.


  • Reapers receive their assignments through numbered capsules (one which humans cannot open and see as an ordinary empty toy capsule). When a Reaper opens the capsule, it will start the countdown to the person's death. Until then, they follow their assignments until it's time to reap the soul. After the death, it is the Reaper's responsibility to explain to that he/she is dead.
  • There are two types of Reapers:
    • Suicide Reapers — people, like most typical Reapers, who become Reapers as punishment for committing suicide;
      • Reapers who committed suicide aren't allowed to appear before their loved ones.
      • These Reapers still remember their lives as humans.
    • Missing souls — most Reapers believe that the other type of Reapers are "pure-blood" Reapers, born into their world as Reapers. Instead, these reapers are in fact deceased people whose bodies are missing; hence, their memories and their natural human forms are missing, giving them new forms as Reapers. Once their bodies are found, they turn into their true human appearance and regain their memories.
      • These "pure-blood" Reapers are considered superior and are respected, mainly because of their conviction to their jobs due to their lack of human memories and sympathy for the deceased while they perform their duties.
  • Reapers enter the human world from theirs through amusement parks.
  • Reapers can teleport through doorways.
  • Reapers can possess the body of a dead human (corpse). Reapers are able to come and go from bodies at will except when they reenter their own bodies, or a body that has their transplanted organ.
  • Reapers cannot touch physical objects in the human world.
  • Runaway reapers need to be recaptured by their partners. If they are not found and returned, the Death Squad will turn the partner into a three-headed dog, like Cerberus. Meanwhile, if the runaway is caught, they are sent to the fiery pit and their partner will be assigned another.
  • It is believed that if a Reaper looks into the eyes of a woman in love, they will fall in love with the human too—this is considered a tragedy to them, particularly because the Reaper will abandon his duties and sacrifice their immortality for the human.
  • Reapers are not allowed to harm humans. Doing so will cause the Reaper to "perish", or be punished.
  • Reapers have a tattoo on their neck that is usually invisible; when it does become visible, it glows a fiery red.
  • Their Reaper numbers supposedly correlate to the day that the Reaper died.

Known Reapers

  • Reaper 444
  • Reaper 007
  • Reaper 416
  • Reaper 419
  • Reaper 444 (previous generation)/001 †
  • Je Soo-dong "Loser"
  • Oldest runaway Reaper (former; in hiding)